ESUR Committee

Moises Aguirre 2-5635
Multicultural Student Services

Brian Blum 2-4023
Student Financial Services

Cordell Briggs 2-1459
Dining Services

Erik Davis 2-5941
General Counsel Office

Scott Hunt 2-6446
OIT Audio Visual Services

Carr Krueger 2-4659
Auxiliaries and Programs

Aaron Larson 2-5146
Health Services

Elaine Lauritzen 2-1232
OIT - Support Services

Cory Leonard 2-2980
Kennedy Center

Vic Losser 2-6171
Housing Administration

Jon McBride 2-7320
University Communications

Richard McClendon 2-3246
Institutional Assessment & Analysis

Todd Mortensen 2-7004
Purchasing and Travel Management

Cali O'Connell 2-6770
Harold B. Lee Library

Lynn Patten 2-5995
Office of AAVP

Jon Spackman 2-6013
CE Dean's Office

Robert Sullivan 2-8220
Alumni Relations

Coral Taylor 2-6558
Registrar's Office

Tiffany Turley 2-7256
Title IX Office

Ben Wake 2-9766
General Accounting


Jim Gordon 2-4919
Planning and Assessment

Travis Blackwelder 2-6002
Planning and Assessment

Britni Exton 2-4919
Planning and Assessment

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