External Reviewer Nomination Form

In conjunction with educational support unit reviews, BYU invites one external reviewer from outside the university to participate in the review process.  This individual should possess the necessary knowledge in the content of the department being reviewed so as to effectively assess the unit and to offer appropriate recommendations.  Care should be taken to nominate individuals who can provide an objective, thorough, and unbiased assessment and who are fully qualified in the profession(s) of the unit.  Please submit nominees who do not have a previous close connection with personnel in the unit being reviewed or with the university.  The reviewer should be someone who can objectively and candidly review the unit and make appropriate recommendations without being constrained by relationships at the university. Please do not contact or solicit these individuals, as we will extend the invitation to them.

Although only one reviewer will be selected, providing multiple names allows us to select the best possible candidate and to determine availability and scheduling.  We invite you to nominate 5-6 potential external reviewers using the form below.

Please submit this form for each potential reviewer.